There is absolutely nothing you can say to Nigerian youths about salary expectations that would make them keep quiet.

Everyone is always eager to get into the outside world and start to make money. No one envisions being paid peanuts after spending a reasonable number of years in school.

We are tired of having to tell you how difficult life is in Nigeria; even when you have the zeal and motivation to be educated, you may not get admission. And when you use all the connections in the world to get yourself a matriculation number in school, another challenge you may have to face is getting a job.

At this point, you do not expect the parents or guardians who sponsored you throughout the time you spent in school to feed you all the days of your life. You are expected to go out there and fend for yourself; the basic way of proving to the world you are responsible.

However, most Nigerian youths have big dreams when it comes to the amount of money they would be paid as salary; it is rather unfortunate that many of these youths’ dreams of earning huge salaries crash the moment they become gainfully employed.

Find below the different stages of disappointment they go through as soon as they start to earn salary

1. 250k start salary or nothing else 

10 levels of disappointment every Nigerian youth goes through

This is the attitude of many Nigerian youths. Most of them have a set amount in mind as their start up salaries. They would kid themselves and say they would not settle for anything less if they do not get paid that amount of money or something close.

Coming back to reality, desperation will make them settle for any job that comes their way. After trying for a while, the new song would be ‘all that matters is experience’.

2. When NYSC bursts their bubbles 

10 levels of disappointment every Nigerian youth goes through

Now give us a few minutes to laugh. We are back! We would just give you an illustration to make you understand the scenario here. Imagine what a market woman who placed the price of a good at 200k would do to you when you price that good for as low as N19,800.

But as usual, Nigerian youths will do it as result of desperation. You know what it takes to have that amount after being broke for months. Even MTN and Glo do not want to borrow you airtime anymore.

3. When service year is coming to an end 

10 levels of disappointment every Nigerian youth goes through

One thing we love about Nigerians is the fact that they can adapt to any situation. Many Nigerian youths would have adjusted to this stipend and its regularity by this time that they would not want the programme to end again. The new song would become ‘what next?’

4. The job hunt begins…

Nigerian youths have suffered sha, the job hunt in Nigeria is usually crazy. As a matter of fact, some Nigerian youths create jobs for themselves by scamming other youths who are more desperate; these are the people that would be willing to pay to get a job.

On a serious note, it is usually a long wait for some youths who would tour every state in Nigeria writing aptitude tests.

5. The denial at the interview table 

Many Nigerians know it is a big deal for them to get called for an interview. This makes them feel a step closer to the job and perhaps a step closer to the actualization of the 250k salary.

However, when they get to that point where they are being asked what their salary expectation is, they will not be able to mention that amount they have in mind.

They do not want the company to reject them based on the fact that they are inexperienced and expensive. The song becomes ‘anything you are willing to offer Sir’. Hehehehe…

6. When they do not get paid on time 

This is another level of frustration for many Nigerian youths. It is not as if the money paid is enough in the first place but they have consoled themselves with the fact that experience is all that matters.

When they now have to wait for the salary to enter their accounts like they are waiting for manna to drop from heaven, it is pathetic.

7. When the salary cannot sustain you for a month 

For some Nigerian youths, the salary they earn is just enough to take them to the office and back home. As soon as they subtract money for Tfare as Nigerians say it and they manage to eat from it, they would be praying for another month end.

8. When you are expected to save from that salary

Now this could be really hard. Many Nigerian youths would be like ‘how can we save when the salary is hardly enough to do anything?’ Sorry.

9. When your friends envy you 

10 levels of disappointment every Nigerian youth goes through

Many Nigerian youths do not want to leave their comfort zones because they have friends who make them feel like they are better than them and are living large. These friends make them feel lucky to have gotten a job when there are still thousands of youth walking the streets aimlessly looking for jobs.

10. When you see your mates that are richer 

When some Nigerian youths see some of their mates that are well paid, living in beautiful houses and riding exotic cars when they are still struggling to make ends meet, they would be like, ‘hay God, how many heads do they have?’

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