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The Wedding day is, undeniably, a big day for most people. Thus, whatever you do and how you go about it, stays with you for a long time. For some people, it is until death or as long as the marriage lasts. And for women, when she gets engaged, it’s usually her mother who gets to hear about it first.

The fact that women choose to call their mothers first each time anything important happens in their lives, says a lot about the relationship they share with them. Many women love the idea that they could announce to the world how grateful they are for all that their mothers have done for them.

According to AmerikankiWedding, the day they get married often presents itself as an excellent opportunity. If you would like to make a touching statement on your wedding day about the relationship that you have with your mother, here are ideas on how to do it.

1. Wear your mother’s wedding dress

It can be a beautiful gesture to ask your mother for her wedding dress to wear on your wedding day, instead of picking up a new one. Many brides who try this idea get an expert tailor to have a few updates. Most probably your parents got married in 1980s, which means the style of your mom’s wedding dress differs a lot from what we see nowadays. In this case, you may use your mom’s jewellery and accessories.

You can also adorn the stem of the bouquet with her scarf or the fabric from her gown or use some items that are dear to her, for example, your family heirloom. If your mother’s D-Day dress isn’t right for you at all, you may still consider wearing her veil. By incorporating an article of her clothing into your outfit, you will gain a special bond between you and your mom.

2. Choose your mother’s outfit yourself

Usually, once the bride chooses her wedding dress, she shows it to her mother. The mother, then, goes on to buy an outfit of her own to complement the wedding dress. Then, the groom’s mother buys an outfit to go with all the others. It could be a sweet gesture, though, for you to buy dresses both for your mother and your future mother-in-law, yourself.

3. Your mother could give you away, too

Your mother could give you away too

In the Jewish tradition, both the mother and the father walk the bride down the aisle. In the Christian tradition, though, it’s only the father. Admittedly, walking down the aisle with your father, brother, grandfather or other male relative had been a strong tradition for a long time. There’s no need to follow tradition to a tee. The convention could be bent a bit, though, if it would help honour your mother. You could ask your mother to join you and your father as you walk down the aisle. After all, both of your parents have to say goodbye to their little girl. However, it would be reasonable to know if your dad is ok with that. Sharing this special moment will be a great way to honour your mother at your wedding.

4. The mother-daughter dance

The mother-daughter dance

While it’s common for the bride to dance with her father at her wedding, a mother-daughter dance isn’t nearly as usual a sight. This could be a great place to change tradition. Mothers deserve dances, too. The choice of the song is one of the most important aspects of the dance since the song should be meaningful to both of you and it should be entertaining for your guests. Play her favourite song during the ceremony or opt for the composition that accompanied your parents’ wedding ceremony.

If you choose the song, consider Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood and I’m Every Woman by Whitney Huston. These are eternal compositions. Ask the officiator to announce the song and say a few words before you start dancing. Suggest that your spouse dance with both your mom and his mom too.

5. Make a change to the traditional bouquet toss

Make a change to the traditional bouquet toss

This is another great alternative to a traditional bouquet toss. Nowadays, in some weddings, brides choose to replace the traditional wedding bouquet toss with a bouquet dedication. She gives a little speech about her mother and dedicates the bouquet to her. If your mother doesn’t know about your plans, this is going to be a great surprise for her!

You can say how important this person is for you without mentioning her name and at the end come up to your mom, hug her and give her your wedding bouquet. This gesture will show her (and everybody there) how important her support was over the years. Be sure, tears are guaranteed. You can also duplicate the wedding bouquet for your mom. Look through her wedding photos and give the picture to your florist.

6. Re-create your parents’ wedding cake

Re-create your parents' wedding cake

It can be a beautiful gesture to design your own wedding cake after the one that you see in your parents’ wedding photos. Try to reduplicate every prominent feature and detail of their wedding cake like colours and small decoration flowers. My mom would be just shocked to see the exact copy of her cake on my wedding table!

You can also incorporate her favourite sweets into your desserts such as chocolate cookies. Be sure, your mom will eagerly share her top secret recipes with you! You can think up a wedding menu after the one that your parents had. It’s not necessarily to pattern everything, but a few dishes taken from your parents’ wedding menu will definitely honour your mom and dad!


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