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See New Order For Sand Dredging, Gravel Mining In Akwa Ibom State


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New Order For Sand Dredging, Gravel Mining In Akwa Ibom State


The activities of illegal sand dredgers and gravel miners have continued to pose severe environmental and security threats in Akwa Ibom State.


Critical state infrastructure and assets are currently being threatened, several communities have lost their sources of natural drinking water, farm lands are being devastated with an attendant lose of revenue. It is even more worrisome that suspicious characters from all parts of the country are beginning to find dwelling places in our state under the guise of sand dredging or gravel mining.


In view of the urgent need to alleviate these concerns, generate a data base of practitioners in the state and ensure that all mining activities in Akwa Ibom State are carried out in accordance with the extant laws, please find below an approved checklist for all current and prospective artisanal miners.

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  1. Formal expression of interest to the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Environment (MoE)
  2. Site verification/Inspection
  3. Evidence of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with host communities.
  4. Evidence of operational permit/license by Federal Ministry of Mines & Steel (MoM&S) and Nigeria Inland Water Ways Authority (NIWA), where applicable.


  1. Acceptable Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  2. Evidence of business registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  3. Evidence of up-to-date tax clearance from Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Service (AKIRS)
  4. Environmental Permit issued by the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Environment (MoE). This is renewable annually while approved locations will be mapped.


It is important to note that all prospective miners and current operators must be certified to have completed this process before commencement of operation. Furthermore, all operators must subject their sites to a mandatory quarterly environmental monitoring as well as an annual environmental audit.


This checklist was developed after due consultation with other relevant regulatory bodies. Implementation takes immediate effect.

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We count on the cooperation of all current and prospective artisanal miners, community leaders and related agencies in ensuring the safety of our environment.


For further clarification, please contact the Permanent Secretary, Minstry of Environment.

A beautiful environment starts with you.

Let’s do it together!


Charles Udoh KSJI

Hon. Commissioner for Environment

Akwa Ibom State

February 22, 2021


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