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See 11 simple reasons why men lose interest in relationship | What to do when he loses interest


There are 11 most important  reasons why men lose interest in relationship

Has your man lost interest in you and you want to know the reason why he lost the interest? Is not something to guess on.

When you keep on accusing your man of not giving enough attention and time or not trying to make you happy as much as you wish, he withdraws from you immediately.

But there are many reasons I will show you, believing that your relationship could be amended after you go through it. See the list of it below.

Why do guys lose interest in a relationship?

Men lose interest in a relationship when they realize that their effort does not match with the woman’s effort to keep it. Effort must never be matched  but at least it must be valued by both of you no matter what happens.

What makes a guys lose interest in a relationship?

A man loses interest in relationships if things have become too uncomfortable and the stimulation is gone. But there are many things that can cause that which I will tell you below. Add

Why do guys lose interest in their girlfriend?

A guy loses interest in his girlfriend when he starts feeling bored about her. Sometimes it could be because he has found another girl who has given him excitement more than what  his girlfriend has given him.

If a man loses interest can you get it back?
Yes, when you smartly give a guy space after he starts losing interest in you, you can actually rekindle such interest as he felt when both  of you first met. But giving him space or some time to allow the situation sort out itself is not  in your favor, so read down to see what to do when that happened.

Why do guys always lose interest in me once they get into a relationship with me?

A guy loses interest in you when you do not value what concerns him Also it could be when your action shows that you do not have any ambition about the future. Let look at some the reasons below;

Why do men lose interest after s-ex?

Men lose interest after s-ex because that is exactly what they were looking for. You would say he was my boyfriend, but the truth is that they only use that as a red flag to get you to bed with them. It wasn’t a true love. So don’t be fool.

  1. He was never interested at first in the relationship.

Though this is hard for me to begin with, but I must tell you the truth. a lot of women find themselves in a circumstances where the guy has not “lost” interest; right? This can be your case, to be sincere he simply was not that interested in the first place.

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In this kind of circumstances, for the most part, all the interactions, more or less, was a track to s-ex. You might have thought that you have a connection with him, or you might have thought the emotion and feelings is leading into lasting a relationship, when in reality, if you have thought well , you would have seen that beyond a physical relationship there was not much to be desired

  1. When he has doubt about the relationship

The number one thing that makes a man lose interest in his relationship is when he starts having doubt of spending his life with you. Men do easily have doubt which is as a result of insecurity. When a man feels that his relationship does not worth the problem, maybe below or above his standard; such man tends to doubt and starts interest in the relationship.

  1. He is afraid of commitment

If you try all what you can but he is still pulling out, then understand that he is having commitment issues. Expert have indicated that they are some men that pullout of a relationship when you’re too serious in the relationship; that means they are looking for just fun filled relationship and not a committed one. This type of relationship is just base on fun, I called it “what to gain” relationship. This can be caused by his past relationship or because he finds it difficult to trust people. On the other hand, he see you as not a good match for him to settle with.

  1. You desperately forced love on him.

Men do not want things to be forced on them; they only want it to be as natural as possible. They want you to be like his best friend whom they love and shares intimacy with. Being like a best friend with someone in a relationship works like magic because it comes in a natural way. Men will quickly lose interest in a relationship, when they feel there are too much of demands on them to make the relationship work. By giving them space and less pressure, they are happy to connect in it.

  1. He has found someone else

There is a possibility of a man falling  in love with another girl even while he is in a relationship.  As a result of  the new relationship he loses  interest in his old relationship. I wonder who could be blame in this. No guy will be able to love two girls at the same proportion, is either he will love one and hate another or lose interest in her. So do not be surprised if your man has suddenly lost interest in you, is just that you failed to live up to your expectation

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  1. He is stressful

Somehow, stress can play a role in this lack of interest in your man. In this case you do not need to blame him much; you just need to take it easy with him. Yes, every man wants to make it in their career, some of it may not be his career, but other circumstances. At this period, his stress level gets increased. Due to this, he seems to be disconnected from you. He may not invest anymore in the relationship.

  1. He is no longer madly in love

Have you ever experience this? He was once madly in love but after some time, probably two years, he starts losing interest.

This is one of the painful reasons if a guy loses interest in you. Remembering your honeymoon days with him, how he confessed how much he loves you, he even said he cannot  live without you, but now; all have faded  into the thin air, he is no longer madly in love as he was; then know that he has lost interest in the relationship.

  1. When he feels you no longer appreciate his effort.

Another striking reasons why a man loses interest in a woman is when he feels that his effort his not appreciated. As it is often said, the greatest feeling is to feel appreciated.

Before thedating night, everything was embraced with much appreciation but now he is no longer appreciated, he feels that his effort is no more seen. Then you see him drifting away.

  1. When they fine you to be so high tempered and nagging.

The effect of temper and anger is very high in making men lose interest in their relationship. Men can not put up with nagging    women. So, you really need to stay calm. They may not openly rebuke this character in women but will resend it and this will gradually lead them to losing interest in the relationship.

10 Lack of s=exual skills

Lack of s=exual experience or any form of physical intimacies can make a man lose interest in a relationship. A man knowing this to be the number one thing that makes him happy in a relationship will not speak of it openly but he will truly hide it from his girlfriend even though it is completely clear to both of them that,  that is the reason he is losing interest in the relationship.

11   Hygiene

       Most women are untidy and most men hate untidy women,

especially women who are unkempt. Body odor is too

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offensive and every woman should be able to keep herself tidy

to be able to keep a man

What to do when he loses interest in me

  • Regain your life.
  • Give him space.
  • Figure out if you really still want him.
  • Becool, don not be upset.
  • Make show to him about what he is missing.
  • Tempt him to be sure he means what he is doing.
  • Avoid him and hang out with new friend.

Reasons I lost interest in females after a relationship?

One of the obvious reasons why you lose interest in female is because you are lacking confidence in them. Confidence counts a lot in every relationship. In essence, your partner cannot trust you; it makes it difficult for you to have confidence in continuing with them

After being in a relationship for what period of time do men start losing interest in their woman?

According to an open survey done by our correspondent, we realize that men tend to lose interest after being in a committed relationship for 3 month or less.

Why does a guy lose interest quickly?

A guy loses interest quickly when such a relationship was moved by infatuation, that’s looking for what to gain. Most atime, as agreed by expert; men do often come for s-ex, and when once he has gotten it, his interest for the relationship starts reducing.

Do men lose interest once they know you like them?

Yes, men can lose interest once they know you like them, if your loves comes with pressure. Men hate pressure in a relationship irrespective how you like them, he believes you want to force love on them; because it looks as if you are trying to get something out of him, he will in turn want nothing to do with you.

Why a guy would lose interest in his partner but does not end the relationship entirely?

This is because he is giving you time to access the relationship again, or it could be they do not have the boldness to end it themselves.

Why does a man lose interest in his wife?

The main reason for a man losing interest in his wife is because the wife starts getting more authoritative at home This makes the man to feel uneasy and pressurized.

Signs of your man losing interest

Here are some signs to see when a man loses interest in a relationship.

  • His contact limit to you is reduced
  • He is not trying as hard as he dose again
  • He do not response to your need
  • When he start finding excuses not to be with you.
  • When he start hiding relevant secret from you.


SOURCE: star witness

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