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PHOTOS: Nigerians Reacts As Man’s Penls Breaks During Sxx


A man has suffered a serious pen!s fracture, while having s-ex with his partner in a hotel.

A medical personnel shared a picture of the fracture, stating that the man was having vigorous s-ex when he hit the ”Mons Pubis”, a part of the female vag!nal anatomy, resulting in his pen!s fracturing.

“It happened around 5am sunday AM in a nearby hotel. D guy ws pounding away vigorously. In a bid 2 give d hardest and strongest thrust from a little distance outside the box, he crashed his pen!s on the mons pubis. The next thing he heard was a sound kam , the pen!s was bent”



The doctor @DrOlufunmilayo further took time to explain how penile fracture happens.

A young man just had pen!s fracture. It is rare but it can happen. Pen!s contains no bones but when fully erect it can break suddenly. Rough s-ex and aggressive riding can cause it. “Harder harder” “Let me write coconut with my h!ps” Solape the stallion, please come down o.

While we are all laughing, This is really a serious emergency. The guy will actually hear kpauuuu like a fanbelt cuts suddenly. And what happens is similar. The expanded tissues under the er@ct pen!s skin suddenly tears due to the rough s-ex. Very painful. Like breaking a bone.

And as I said it is an emergency Surgery has to be done immediately. If nothing is done: That pen!s can be permanently deformed, the man may never get an erection again or struggle to get it, he may never be able to have s-ex and to urinate can become a problem.

And in case you have never seen what it looks like before, here are some images: (The broken pen!s becomes bent, deformed, swollen and engorged with blood from internal bleeding into the pen!s) It’s not a great sight at all. So please, dear entanglement crew, Let’s be careful.

See photos below:

Meanwhile see some reactions below:


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