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“Nigerian Men Cannot Shift Any Womb” – Lady Claims They Only Make Mouth


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A lady has taken to social media to lament because she’s yet to find a Nigerian man who would “shift her womb” during s-ex.

According to her, she’s had high expectations from Nigerian men who are acclaimed to be “womb shifters” but much to her surprise and disappointment, she’s yet to find that man who’d give her satisfactory s-ex since 2016 when she started having s-ex.

The lady who wrote to popular relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, said she’s in search of a man who can last for three-quarter of an hour in bed. She shared that the closest any guy has come to pleasing her was 25 minutes which was done by a man from Calabar.

She wrote,

“Joro just want to complain

Since 2016 that I started having this s-ex have not found a man that shift my womb. Guys will make mouth when I come to their place that they re arrange my kidney and liver but my kidney is still intact only one calaba guy try 25 minutes straight but my womb no shift

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Where can I get that man that can do 45 minutes straight and won’t cum and his leg start shaking like chicken

4 years of s-ex no womb shifting to my s-ex CV

God will do it one day”

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