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How To Spot A Fake Nice Person

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Day by day we come across all kinds of people…. Some we like,some we love and some actually comes to teach us a lesson…
Some come to teach us about love, friendship, trust and lot more..
Fake people never really ran the things say or do….they are not one of those who you could trust to be the same. Be careful!

#Point1…. They always pretend to be nice : No one is capable of being friendly to anyone all the time, sometimes even the people we look up to can lose their temper, get upset ,end up fighting, because human beings cannot always be our best selves.
Be careful with someone who is constantly nice to you…. Be alert… See over niceness as a warning.. Take caution from people who are being incredibly kind and sweet to the point where it start to feel unnatural… There is always an agenda behind their niceness… Maybe there is something they want to get from you…. Watch out.
#Point2…..Someone who’s goodness is fake has a habit of making too many commitments… Making them look like people you can count on…They make you believe they will be by yourside in time of need. But when you need them the most they will vanish into the air until they know your problem is solved. Be Vigilant
#Point3….They corner their prey…. When you have something to say or to get your chest, they will turn a deaf ear to it.
Its not part of their personality to listen… How ever their talking is what they use of…you will see a two faced person talk individually to multiple people and never come out of shadows about what they’ve been saying…. They will choose never to say things out loud…everything will be whispered and slipped indirectly during conversation… Such a person may usually not have an end goal…. They gossip a lot and at the same time being extremely nice so for you not to have a clue about what is being said about them by their back.
#Point4….The Critique…. When a friend engages in critique they do so to help or improve some aspects of your personality, work or what ever it maybe… However no positivity can come with critiquing a friend behind their back… They will sugarcoat this as critiquing you for your betterment… Meanwhile they are killing you behind… Be alert.they might act as if they want the best for you…whereas their good intentions are Fake …They will be jealous of your happiness and success… Remember , when someone is not fake, they will hide your flaws from the world… Not showing them around and point them out as soon as they get a chance to do so….that is how a two_faced Person functions in social settings and there is nothing you can so to change that.#Tobecontinued

This information is for Akwa Ibomites and lovers of Akwa Ibom state


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