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CROSS FIRE: I Escaped Death Last Night After Warning Tinubu To Withdraw From Politics. – Nwabufor


Nigerian legal practitioner, Austin Nwabufo, on Wednesday, August 26 took to his social media account, Twitter precisely to narrate his previous night ordeal after his advice to former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

According to the lawyer, as AFnews gathered, he was attacked in his dream last night over his warning to Tinubu to withdraw from politics.

AFNews understands that Nwabufo had in a recent tweet warned the All Progressive Congress Chieftain to desist from contesting for presidency in 2023 if he wants to live long. According to him, Tinubu would likely suffer chronic health deficiencies in the last quarter of 2022 and his involvement in the 2023 race may lead to his early death.



“TINUBU LIKELY TO DIE IN THE LAST QUARTER of 2022 FROM THE CHRONIC HEALTH DEFICIENCIES NOW PLAGUING HIM, IF HE INSISTS ON Contesting 2023 Presidential Election, then it may be too late to replace him, as the Divine Masters are waiting for his soul for judgment, but if he declines, from contesting and look after his health, and that of members of his family, he may live LONGER, please NIGERIANS should save this tweet and mark this prophecy from the living Oracle, precisely, Tinubu will slump during Campaign in one of the Northerner States, and b4 d arrival of an air ambulance to evacuate him to hospital, his Spirit and Soul will be undergoing judgment b4 God Almighty, so says the Divine Masters, this tweet is not WISHFUL THINKING but direct MESSAGE from Almighty God,” Nwabufo tweeted.

Narrating his alleged night spiritual attack, Nwabufo wrote, “Serious Spiritual Attack on Me last night, after MY Advice to Tinubu, to withdraw from Politics and look after his health, in order to live LONGER, a hand without any Face attempted hijacking my hands, tried pulling me but BITE the hand effortlessly, and this faceless hand ran away in the dream STATE, I keep saying it and repeat the warning, TINUBU MUST withdraw forthwith from Politics and attend to his Health, please RETWEET immediately when you receive this tweets, in order to help Tinubu live longer, Good Morning My followers.”

See the tweets below;

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