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COVID-19 In Nigeria: There is no Coronavirus in Nigeria, a trip to a Coronavirus ward in Lagos reveals something different (Video)


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Day after day, the Nigerian Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) make efforts to bring Nigerians to realize the gravity and seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic by sending different safety precautions and well-wishing messages to Nigerians amongst all other things. But despite all these, more Nigerians believe the whole coronavirus outbreak is just another decoy or ploy by the government to get financial aid from the international community. An aide that will supposedly be squandered by the nation’s leaders on personal luxury.


Even with the continuous rise in coronavirus cases in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, fake news and mistrust in the government made a lot of Nigeria’s population think the pandemic is a hoax but the hospitals in the capital Lagos tell a different story.

Watch BBC’s video tour to the Lagos coronavirus ward which says something totally contrary to the belief that the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic is being exaggerated.

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