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Can There Be Another Udo Ekpenyong?


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Obong Udo Ekpenyong, the demised State PDP Chairman was a man in a class of his own; no man has ever and may never ever be like him. This is a fact that has remained incontestable as an open truth.

He meant different things to different persons, but he was my LAST MINUTES MAN in every sense of it, a cheerful giver and prime rewarder of the BESTS. Having Udo Ekpenyong alone was a guarantee for a soft spot in life’s endeavour.

Many would have lots of flowery tales to tell about him and a lot is trending already on and off the pages. This outpour of emotions mostly has to do with his gleeful goodwill and as well assert the fact that he was indeed a multi-purpose man and a FATHER GENERAL figure.

Ever result-oriented, diligent, loyal to a course, compassionate, forgiven, a down-to-earth and people-centric politician he was at all times and held on to it like a lifetime batch of honour till he passed on. These are virtues that endeared him to many including the State Governor, who was his Boss and Man Friday.

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Alas, in all these, a deep lacuna has ensued – a gap that is begging to be filled by other spirited public officeholders and his proteges alike, going forward. This wide responsibility, however, propelled the question: is another Udo Ekpenyong possible? Where, when and how well will he carry on these virtues? These questions must remain in the womb of time, even as we mourn his demise.

I will forever mourn him for the love he freely shared with the world.

…for not tagging many of us bad names just to dispel us from the goodie table.

…for keeping us close to him and painstakingly drawing long-term empowerment plans for us all.

I missed that the end is way too short and the ladder towards the dreamed land is on hiatus but pray that another Udo Ekpenyong be berth in the lives of his many proteges. Amen!

Rest on Father for all, of all and at all times – Pa Udo Ekpenyong!

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