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BLOOD FLOWS IN IMO STATE! How 2 Men were Set Ablaze for Robbery (See Graphic Photos)


On Tuesday, July 21, embittered youths set two men ablaze for allegedly robbing in Mbaise, Imo State.

An eyewitness who was present during the incidence said:
“Seriously, I’m really tired and bored of all these irritating things happening in this country.

“In as much as crime should be frowned at, it’s still out of place to take laws into your hands.

“Why not reach to the police and hand the men over?

“What exactly do you gain in participating in Jungle justice?

“This is too extreme, we are in a civilized society, such a barbaric act should not be obtainable in this century.

If these men should be set ablaze and burnt to death for minor robbery, what then should be done to our leaders at the Federal and State Government that rob us everyday?

Even the ones reported to be arrested do not stay in custody for a week. Just check around and confirm what I’m saying.

Nigeria government why, is this the justice of end of corruption you promised us?

Another person who commented on the incidence said, “If you can do the crime then you should be able to do your time. If what belongs to you had been forcefully collected from you then you’ll realize how it hurts to loose what was yours.

“To those agitating for same punishment for our corrupt politicians, I say to you that their time will definitely come.”

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that a 63 year old trader, Madam Elizabeth Yawa Afenyo has been burnt to death at Dzoanti, a farming community in the Kpando Municipality.

Her body was found burnt beyond recognition in an uncompleted building in the Community.

Mr. Emil SenyoWordey, Assembly Member, Dzoanti/Gadza Electoral Area said that he was informed of the incident by two young men.

He said one of the young men said he was attending to nature’s call when he saw smoke emanating from the uncompleted building.

Mr. Wordey said because the body of the deceased was burnt beyond recognition, they had to used her clothes scattered around, to identify her, as she was earlier seen carrying them the night before the incident.

He said that the scene looked like the deceased being mentally unstable had set fire either to cook or warm herself but fell asleep with the fire spreading to where she was sleeping near some dried maize husks.

Mr. Wordey said the deceased had allegedly stabbed herself a few times in 2017 and was treated at the Margret Marquart Hospital, and had been on medication since.

Mr. Daniel Afenyo, the deceased’s brother said her sister was sleeping with their mother but due to her condition, sneaked out when their mother was fast asleep.

The Police in Kpando confirmed the incident and said they had started investigations into the incident.


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