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Hero Akpata

Ninety one years ago, our forefathers dreamed. Precisely 1928, these dreams of a society characterized by vision and people bound in unity was important for the growth of this country.

These men had understanding in culture, they were ingenious in the creation of opportunities for themselves and resolute in their pursuit of their rights. And from history, their intention was noble, the force of life enabled them to live their dreams.

It was widely acceptable and on record, that the glory of God vindicates the forefathers, when this vision became the master stroke that the military administration employed to overcome the crises and keep Nigeria one.

This is why General Ibrahim Babangida during his visit to the state in 1991 said, that he created Akwa Ibom State to end the injustice to a people who should nationally be acknowledged as the progenitors of modern Nigeria. Our people provided political leadership in Eastern Nigeria. This is the glorious past which any leader who means well for his people would inspire others upon.

This enclipsed our unique model of strength in unity. History equally tells us how we lost our commitment to the union model of strength in unity. What we have had from that time till today is incessant internecine squabbles and constant extra-and Intra-betrayal and revengeful relationships aimed at undoing and running down fellow Ibibio brothers. And this practice has since constituted to our undoing from which we need inspiration to avert same for the sake of Nationality.

While we were pondering on how a people who were once promising and so productive with original identity allowed to become bemused and bewildered, the question is, What is the way forward?

Governor Udom Emmanuel correctly discerned the moment we have found ourselves in history when he said: “for we stand today at an intersection where a glorious past meets a hopeful future.” This intersection is our wilderness which requires a guide on which way to go.

In September 23, 2015, the 28th Anniversary, being birthday of Nigeria’s 21st state, Akwa Ibom had a philosophy to derive for a way to go.

The Dakkada initiative is an inspirational philosophy for self-actualization and greatness. Significant but less understood step in the governance of a people in dire need of motivation for renewal. It came from the womb of the vision of the 10th Governor and 4th elected Chief Executive of the state, Deacon Udom Emmanuel. This initiative seems to have in it genes of response to the question: What is the way forward?

Dakkada is a call to rise and build upon and surpass the glorious past. In other words, as revealed in the background above, we are a people with a glorious past but as we savour the fruit of our heroes of that past, we abandoned the values of “Strength in Unity”.

We wrongfully abandoned the practice of “one for all and all for one; ” We abandoned the spirit of “sacrifice for common good” and with these, we lost focus and also lost the power to achieve much, collectively.

Therefore the way forward as implied in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Philosophy, is for us to reinvent and reassert ourselves. This is a call to mindset renewal to be able to leave our feuding recent past behind us and embrace the beckoning hopeful future before us.

We have seen the big picture: Our future greatness, group growth and individual prosperity.
We have seen days when “we shall be counted as a great people of a great state with great minds.”
We have seen when our rich human and intellectual resources shall be developed to enable us hold the ace in the exploitation of our natural endowments, far above what others think we are capable of. This should inspire us to embrace the call;
Akwa Ibom: Rise to the faith that with God all things are possible.

Rise to the faith that Akwa Ibom was created by God out of greatness.

Rise to the faith that as a people we can move beyond biases: Ethnicity; Religion and Gender.

Rise to togetherness!

Rise to the faith in our resources, beyond what others see: Human, and intellectual.

Rise to chart a new course for us, our children and generations of Akwa Ibomites unborn;

Rise to the faith that oneday,we shall be counted as a great people of a great state with great minds.

Rise to the faith that all these are possible and many more;

Hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering.

For He who promised is faithful;

I rise to the faith that Akwa Ibom was created to be great;

I rise to the faith that Akwa Ibom is destined to be great;

I am an Akwa Ibomites, I rise to the faith of greatness.
Akwa Ibom, Dakkada

This information is for Akwa Ibomites and lovers of Akwa Ibom state


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