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There’s a story that breaks the heart. The story of a man. Whose signature defines many creatures. Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio. A one-time leader of the system. That braided a caliphate of leaders. Leaving behind his esteemed royalty to a free fall. But faired for the multitude. With an infected smiles. He captured the minds of many. He knew no bound. That smile can only be withheld when it can hurt someone. Otherwise, let it bloom forth in a riot.

As a governor between 2007 and 2015. He served with both hands and legs. Leaving behind a shoe so large. That even the man who came after him is mocked. Not with something terrible. But for lavishing over four years as governor without a mark. Still wallowing in the euphoria of uncompleted projects. Putting to ignominy his personal ‘divine mandate.’ Meanwhile. The morning bell has since rang. Beckoning on the former governor for a reward. A man of his time. Who took a phase to munch his eight year tenure as governor. Duly settling his conscience to the taste of time. Leaving behind ecstasy of landmarks. That even after leaving office. School children still live with the consciousness of ‘Akpabio as governor of Akwa Ibom.’ Because there’s no traceable fact to his departure.

No more anger in the system. Because the whole armour of profanity has been destroyed. His appointment as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria defines the concept of Akpabio’s political resurrection. He’s now in charge of Niger Delta Affairs ministry. His name has regained its strength. No left finger could be pointed at him anymore. The tiger that was almost being lynched. Not by strangers. But by his blood brothers. Such a skeletal misfortune. No more in view. He now has a new crown. Where his former enemies are now struggling for reconciliation.

Godswill Akpabio left the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for the ruling All progressives Congress, APC last year August. With his definition. He only moved. Not defection. So timely. That exactly a year after. He’s reaping the benefit of his movement. Apart from the appointment. His hands are not stained like others. He’s coming with enviable concepts for the Niger Delta. A content creator. Evident in his reservoir for creativity. Not just for his exquisiteness. But with a thig to leave a mark.

After Akpabio’s movement to the APC. Attacks on his person became a lucrative adventure. A commodity that that kept a temporal food on the table of few panhandlers. It was a game of reward. Where those he groomed turned the arrow against him. They thought he was out of the system. And could no longer be regarded for any form of respect. They invented for the now. And disrespected the idea of origin. Turning the former governor into a sack-bag of unwanted political baggage. To the former Senate Minority Leader, he knew his worth. And willingly surrendered himself for scrutiny. At the end. Their assaults turned mecca of blessing for the Uncommon Minister. No more now. Akpabio is now a center of celebration. A man celebrated by both friends and enemies.

As governor of Akwa Ibom State. Senator Akpabio created a beautiful story for himself. From education to infrastructure. From Stomach renaissance to youth development. He made a judicious benefit of his opportunity. By becoming a doctor to the sick. A teacher to the uneducated. A mentor to the younger generation. A father to the homeless. A husband to the widows. A server to the downtrodden. A shelter to the homeless. A builder to the unfaithful. But all these did not make some his real friends. They only acted according to time. Mainly for personal gains. That’s why they all ran away when the time came to proof their closeness.

Many factors played their way to the gallery. Godswill Akpabio suddenly became a psycho to many. Attacks came from far and within. Mainly from the quarters he helped to build. They followed him with anger. With spontaneous political doses on the media. It was all for a fee. Just to satisfy the converted system. But they ended up rendering a defective service.

Now that the rhythm has changed. Different steps will set in. Tunes will be redirected to his new office. Akpabio as Niger Delta Affairs minister will put food on many hungry tables. In days to come. There will be frivolous press releases. Un-existed groups will ginger the center. Calling for the removal of the ‘Uncommon’ Minister. With their past experiences. Lessons should be learnt. That decisions are not taken based on their objections. Especially in this era of fighting corruption. Nothing much should be expressed. Because the new minister knows his ways to the top.

With now and then. We are expressing for change of attitudes. Not like before. Where things were done with reckless abandon. Akpabio was to be sworn-in last Wednesday. PDP in Akwa Ibom immediately called its members for an enlarged state meeting. Not just a meeting. But to distract loyalists from registering their presence for the new minister. If conscience must be addressed. That’s not the best way of expressing ingratitude. Even though we know. That most of them will still meet the Uncommon Minister. Anyhow, anywhere. Before then. Senator Godswill Akpabio has resurrected politically.

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