Just hours after Ellen Degeneres spoke out about recent allegations from former  employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, another article has been published with even more claims about what happened behind the scenes at the talk show.

The latest article from BuzzFeed was published after 36 former employees came forward with allegations of s-exual misconduct and harassment from some of the show’s senior-level producers.

“According to dozens of men and women who work behind the scenes, the office is a place where s-exual harassment and misconduct by top executive producers runs rampant,” BuzzFeed reports. The same outlet recently published an article about the alleged “toxic” work culture at the show.

The dozens of employees who spoke out, all under anonymity, range from longtime, senior-level employees to production assistants. They claimed that some of the senior producers would regular make s-exually explicit comments in the office and many of the targets were “lower-level and younger employees who felt they lacked any power to speak up.”

Other employees claimed that inappropriate touching took place and it made many of them feel uncomfortable in the office. Many of these allegations were made against executive producer Ed Glavin and before this report was even published, it was already being reported that he will likely be let go from the show.

“We’re young people who were forming our careers and were unfortunately subjected to a toxic work environment as some of our first jobs out of college,” a former employee said. “And some of us were s-exually harassed and that’s what was shaping our careers our first year out of school.”

Warner Bros. didn’t comment on these specific allegations, but they gave a new statement after launching an investigation into the show.

The studio said it “hoped to determine the validity and extent of publicly reported allegations and to understand the full breadth of the show’s day-to-day culture.”

“It was important to both Warner Bros. and Ellen that as many people as possible attached to the program could be heard,” the statement continued. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show is, and has always strived to be, a place that brings positivity to the world. And though not all of the allegations were corroborated, we are disappointed that the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show’s day-to-day management. We have identified several staffing changes, along with appropriate measures to address the issues that have been raised, and are taking the first steps to implement them.”

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